Make sense of your spreadsheets

Understand your data.

Clara helps you visualise any dataset interactively so you can organise, understand and collaborate on complex data.
Excel with superpowers

Create beautiful, shareable lists.

Collect your research in a free, editable, and customisable database. White label it to share your data with your audience.
Clara for project management

Facilitate your project management.

Our clients use the tool to understand which stakeholders are involved in which projects, as well as to get updates on projects statuses, delays, funding, and more. They also use it to communicate across the organisation in a visually stimulating way, especially for non tech savvy users.
The tool allows our users to:
  • Track dependencies from different workstreams within a project. Projects have several sub-initiatives and they may have dependencies between them and to other projects. Clara helps retain an overview.
  • Get comments on projects.
  • Avoid submitting duplicated ideas and rather seek collaboration across different business units.
  • Take inspiration and re-use or replicate existing ideas.
  • Get an overview of an idea by clicking and viewing a popup. A “More Info” button provides further data, e.g. a way to contact the idea originator.
  • White-label using custom fonts and colours.
  • Have different user types: some who can view only, and admins who can see more data, edit, export and import CSVs and request more data.
Other use cases

Other ways Clara can be useful

Clara uses graphs to visualise your data. Network graphs, also known as graph visualisations, are a robust tool to understand complicated tabular data. If you have a number of spreadsheets and want to understand them and any connected data better, an interactive visualisation can help in a number of ways:

For Market Research

Show you’re a market leader in your field. You can create a visualisation of connected of companies in a region or category, investors, people or even your line of products.

For Banks

Graph visualisation is an excellent tool for banks to analyse transactions and find fraudulent behaviour. Network graphs can look at flows of transactions and transactions connected by location, IP address, or sending/receiving banks.

For Investigations

Law enforcement can use network graphs to understand criminal networks and find links based on shared addresses, IP addresses, locations, known associates, BTC addresses and more.

For Social Networks

Social network analysis companies can analyse their users' social networks and better understand how to cater to groups. Businesses can use graphs to understand internal networks, and to reveal patterns of connectivity between business units.