Consumer Loans

by Resurs Bank
Resurs Bank offers consumer loans for the purpose of car purchase, home renovation or similar. A client can get up to NOK 500,000, with an establishment fee of NOK 995. A client can use their loan calculator to estimate the costs of the loan. A client has to be 25 years old or older, have a fixed annual income of NOK 280,000, without any payment remark or a long-term sick leave. Nominal interest rate ranges between 8.39% and 19.39%. Repayment period canprolong for refinancing purposed loans.
Maximum Loan Amount
500,000 NOK
Representative Loan Amount
100,000 NOK
Maximum Repayment Period Years
Total Repayment
139,528 NOK
Term Fee
29 NOK
Minimum Repayment Period
Recurring Repayment Period
Effective Interest Rate
Establishment Fee
995 NOK
Minimum Loan Size
10,000 NOK
Representative Term Loan Years
Recurring Repayment
2,325.47 NOK
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