Chip & Sign Walker C2X Bluetooth & Micro USB

by Anywhere Commerce
Walker C2X is an EMV-certified compact payment acceptance device that transforms smartphones, tablets and PCs into robust, secure mPOS solutions.This version connects via bluetooth or Micro USB.Anywhere Commerce is a supplier of card machines so they don't process payments, so these readers are only suitable for larger organisations who will order a larger amount.
Card Reader Image
[{"id"=>"atthF039xSitP5dpx", "url"=>"", "size"=>45798, "type"=>"image/png", "filename"=>"AnywhereCommerce_Walker_C2XBT_Card_Reader_Chip_and_Sign_flat-768x543.png", "thumbnails"=>{"full"=>{"url"=>"", "width"=>3000, "height"=>3000}, "large"=>{"url"=>"", "width"=>724, "height"=>512}, "small"=>{"url"=>"", "width"=>51, "height"=>36}}}]
Price Recurrency
["one-time purchase"]
Transaction Fee
["contact for quote"]
Cards Accepted
["Contactless", "Chip", "Swipe"]
Compatible Devices
["Android", "iPhone ", "iPad"]
Built In Receipt Printer
Need Extra Device To Use
Visit website
Anywhere Commerce
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