Debt Consolidation Loan

by Pen Fed
For borrowers looking for low-rate smaller-dollar personal loans, PenFed debt consolidation loans offerings are an attractive option. PenFed is a member owned and not-for-profit credit union, which passes the benefits of lower costs and fees down to the borrower. You can borrow as little as $600 and up to $20,000 and expect to pay a 6.49% to 17.99% interest rate. You must become a member of the credit union in order to receive a loan.
Minimum Credit Score
Maximum Interest
Maximum Loan Term Months
Minimum Interest
Minimum Loan Amount
500 USD
Maximum Loan Amount
20,000 USD
Minimum Loan Term Months
Late Payment Fee
50 USD
U.S. citizen/permanent resident with SSN and PenFed credit union member
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